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Cine este DC Catalyst?

DC Catalyst DC Catalyst Is a consultancy company specialized in communication and social relationship trainings as well as executive coaching, founded by Daniela Ciobotar

Compania are o experiență de zece ani în terapia de grup cu ajutorul modelelor PCM și de un an cu LOD. Printre temele de lucru abordare se regăsesc feminitatea, parentingul, atitudini sănătoase, afirmații de sine, reînnoirea minții, iar temele de lucru abordate în organizații sunt: comunicarea eficientă, motivare eficientă, dezvoltarea abilităților de relaționare în echipă, reducerea stresului și satisfacția la locul de muncă.

Scopul nostru este formarea continuă , atît a membrilor echipei cît și a clienților noștri. Psihologii și trainerii noștri duc o muncă neîntreruptă de formare și învățare, pentru a ține pasul cu nevoile mereu în schimbare ale pieței.

O carieră de succes nu o construiești singur, ci în interacţiune cu ceilalţi. Suntem un facilitator de succes, un accelerator de carieră pentru clienţii nostri. DC Catalyst oferă instrumente care pot crea shortcut-uri relaţionale, prin care atât oameni, cât și organizaţiile își pot accelera succesul, își pot crește performanţa relaţională.

Autocunoașterea este esenţa demersului nostru, iar rezultatele pe care le producem în alţii sunt lucrul care ne motivează profesional și ne pune în mișcare în fiecare zi. Aducem valoare pentru clienţii nostri pentru ca îi ajutăm să se cunoască mai bine pe ei înșiși, dar și să își construiască mai bine relaţiile cu ceilalţi.


Daniela Ciobotar

Psychologist, Trainer and Coach

Daniela Ciobotar is a psychologist specialized in integrative therapy (French School). She studied several training methods for personal development and chose Process Communication Model PCM and Leading Out of Drama (LOD) because of the palpable results she observed during her work with people and companies

  • Certification in Process Communication Model (PCM)
  • Over 5000 training hours (one to one and group work)
  • Consultant for the psychology of integration, assertiveness and self awareness
  • Consultant for conflict management and strategic coaching in business
  • Coaching strategic de business
  • Team abilities optimization and leadership consultancy

"My mission in business is to create value for people and organizations. I help them accelerate success and endow them with instruments that facilitate self-understanding

My personal values are authenticity, availability for others, empathy and continual improvement of know how. I have an empathetic personal profile, I love what I do and so interaction with people is what fulfills me every day.

Alongside myself, my team is driven by the belief that successful human relationship can be taught, practiced, improved and this is a guided process. There are concrete solutions for growth and so personal development is not a buzzword. It is concrete, visible, measurable and livable."


Daniela Ciobotar

John Parr MSc

Certifying Master PCM Trainer and Master PCM Coach Trainer, John Parr MSc was certified as a Certifying Master Trainer by Dr Taibi Kahler in Hot Springs, in 2012, being one of the only four PCM Certifying Master Trainers in the world.

John was originally certified in the Process Communication Model® by Dr Kahler in 2005. He launched PCM in Romania in 2006, and has since introduced the model in the UK.

His first profession is Electronic Engineering. He fought in the jungle in Malaysia for almost two years, served for five years in submarines and studied advanced electronics and mechanical engineering at the Royal Naval School of Electronics.

From 1971 he managed a residential treatment centre for recovering substance abusers, before studying social sciences at Southampton University. He then worked in the criminal justice system before being head hunted to an HR function.

In the mid 1980’s he trained as a psychotherapist and is a registered psychotherapist with internationally recognised qualifications. He is the past President of the European TA Association and currently Vice President of the International TA Association.

Jon Parr MSc

He now practices in Romania, where he also trains psychiatrists and psychologists in the skills of psychotherapy. He also manages his own consulting company in Romania, as a management consultant for multinational organizations and specializes in designing tailor-made training solutions for his client companies. He is recognized for his work on Stress Management, on Emotional Intelligence and on the use of Attachment theory in conflict management.