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Emotional intelligence with John Parr

Emotional intelligence with John Parr

What is the connection between emotions, trust and leadership? How do emotions affect you in your professional and personal life, and why learn to work with them?

John Parr has prepared a new core seminar of applied emotional intelligence - Emotional Empowerment (Train the Trainer Certification) on 5-7 April 2017, in Bucharest.

This program is designed to build both knowledge and skills in Emotional Empowerment. The training focuses upon understanding human behaviour in the context of self and other and experiencing it in addition to gaining a ‘head knowledge’ of the topic.

The Emotional Empowerment seminar provides participants with the necessary skills:

  • to acquire an extensive knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Empowerment
  • to understand the mechanisms responsible for our emotional issues, failures and difficulties in relationships
  • to improve our ability to listen to our emotions, to understand them, to anticipate their impact on our lives and on our health and wellbeing
  • to deal with them in a healthy and authentic way
  • to improve our ability to build healthy, solid and meaningful bonds with others and improve our quality of life

Who is this seminar for?

Coaches, trainers, psychologists, managers or HR professionals who want to create safe environments of work, business, or therapy.

People joining the seminar will acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge along with a tools box of practices, exercises, role plays helping to transmit and to use the Emotional Empowerment materials in their practice.

What is the structure of this seminar?

This 3-day core module will facilitate you in: identifying, differentiating and understanding your emotions. You will also develop means to express your authentic emotions in healthy ways, to facilitate your management of conflict and the development of deeper relationships. Also, you will work along with your colleagues in a 'safe' environment in order to explore the application of emotional intelligence in practice.


  • The place of emotions in the concept of Emotional Empowerment
  • The nature of emotions
  • Groups of emotions and existing classifications
  • Emotion, reaction and belief
  • Basic emotions and body chemistry
  • Emotional cycles: healthy and pathological cycles
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Joy
  • Dealing with emotions

Who is the trainer?


John has worked for thirty years as a management consultant for multinational organisations and specialises in designing tailor-made training solutions for his client companies. He is recognised for his work on Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management and Communication Skills. Emotional Intelligence was the subject for his Masters Degree dissertation and he has developed a unique model for teaching Applied Emotional Intelligence.

John’s key focus is on developing human relationships in the workplace

About the concept of Emotional Empowerment

This programme is designed to help people experiment with the SHARED POWER OF THOUGHT AND EMOTION in order to solve conflicts and built healthy relationships.

Real examples and shared personal experiences are part of the learning process in order to achieve authentic knowledge and growth during the seminars.

After the core seminar, if you want to further develop your practical emotional intelligence, you can access the advanced modules: Emotional Empowerment: Creating a place of safety, Emotional Empowerment within Groups and Gaining Autonomy, empathy, experiments in intimacy.

For further details about the seminar in April and for saving your spot, please send an email to daniela.ciobotar @ dc-catalyst . ro until 31 March 2017.