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Get certified as a LOD Facilitator!

LOD (Leading out of drama)

A drama based work environment is a place where negative behaviours thrive, and that means wasting energy, time, and money. The Leading out of Drama program helps you convert this conflictual energy and more.

How does LOD, including The Compassion Circle, help you?

  1. Improves connection and strengthens work relationships at all levels of the organization

  2. Fosters an environment of safety, curiosity & consistency in every meeting to increase productivity and achieve results

  3. Rebuilds relationships by practicing humility, taking responsibility & restoring trust

What it means to be an LOD Facilitator:

  1. You will be able to teach the fundamentals of LOD and you will know how to strengthen the qualities of every person with Compassionate Accountability™

  2. You will get special DRAMA RESILIENCE profiles for a thorough understanding of your clients RESILIENCE TO DRAMA AND COMPASSION

  3. You will be able to measure outcomes using specific tools provided by our partner - Next Element

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About our program:

Our LOD Facilitator certification program includes:

  • Two days of TRAINING - a comprehensive and scalable training system that applies the skills of Compassionate Accountability™ to a wide range of personal, professional, leadership, organizational, and culture change goals.
  • "Conflict and You" introductory course, focusing on strategies to transform the energy of a conflict into meaningful contribution
  • Access to NEOS, an outcomes measurement tool that evaluates real change on the go
  • Access to MyNE, a secure portal developed by Next Element to manage all training and coaching materials and activities.
  • Guided Application Handbooks: Leadership Development in a Box - this pack can be purchased on demand and includes four guided application handbooks that leverage Compassionate Accountability™ in everyday interactions that have the highest drama potential: Meetings, Performance Conversations, Daily Connections and Apologies.

Duration: 2 days

Place: Bucharest

Available spots: 5

Next session: January 2018

About DC Catalyst

DC Catalyst DC Catalyst Is a consultancy company specialized in communication and social relationship trainings as well as executive coaching, founded by Daniela Ciobotar. The company has more than 10 years experience in group development with PCM and one year of LOD, the newest method. Among the subjects that the company works with, we highlight: femininity, parenting, healthy behaviours, self-affirmation, mind growth, and for organizations we, also, include: efficient communication and motivation, team relations and development, stress management, and work satisfaction. Our purpose is continuous development for our team and our clients. Our psychologists and trainers are always developing so as to offer the best in a changing market.

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Daniela Ciobotar
Catalyst, Psychologist, Trainer & Communication Coach
I am Daniela Ciobotar, a psychologist by formation. In my current daily life, I work as a trainer and coach on issues regarding communications and accelerating one's personal and professional development. In the last 15 years, I have studied various methodologies and decided to work with Process Communication Model and Leading out of Drama due to their effectiveness in providing results for my clients. I am a PCM® and LOD® certified trainer and coach, with more than 5000 hours of individual and group trainings delivered. My mission is to create value for people and organizations, by accelerating their success with modern tools for self-knowledge. My personal values are authenticity, being open, empathy and continuously growing my know-how. I love what I do, and working with people and teams motivates me and brings me joy and fulfillment.
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Next session: January 2018