DC Catalyst is a consultancy company specialized in communication and social relationship trainings as well as executive coaching, founded by Daniela Ciobotar. The company has more than 10 years experience in group development with PCM and one year of LOD, the newest method. Among the subjects that the company works with, we highlight: femininity, parenting, healthy behaviours, self-affirmation, mind growth, and for organizations we, also, include: efficient communication and motivation, team relations and development, stress management, and work satisfaction. Our purpose is continuous development for our team and our clients. Our psychologists and trainers are always developing so as to offer the best in a changing market.

My mission in business is to create value for people and organizations. I help them accelerate success and endow them with instruments that facilitate self-understanding
My personal values are authenticity, availability for others, empathy and continual improvement of know how. I have an empathetic personal profile, I love what I do and so interaction with people is what fulfills me every day.

Alongside myself, my team is driven by the belief that successful human relationship can be taught, practiced, improved and this is a guided process. There are concrete solutions for growth and so personal development is not a buzzword. It is concrete, visible, measurable and livable.

Daniela Ciobotar

DC-Catalyst Team


Daniela Ciobotar

Daniela Ciobotar has developed her career growing abilities that allow her to identify numerous nuances in team dynamics and leadership challenges. She is a PCM® and LOD® certified trainer, being an expert in team management and support, conflict resolutions and coaching. She is always ready to challenge behaviours and expecttions, so as to identify the healthy limits of her clients, in order for their true potential to be revealed, and the business objectives to be reached.

Psychologist, Coach, Master Trainer PCM, PTSTA – Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst


Certifying Master PCM Trainer and Master PCM Coach Trainer, John Parr MSc was certified as a Certifying Master Trainer by Dr Taibi Kahler in Hot Springs, in 2012, being one of the only four PCM Certifying Master Trainers in the world. John was originally certified in the Process Communication Model® by Dr Kahler in 2005. He launched PCM in Romania in 2006, and has since introduced the model in the UK.

His first profession is Electronic Engineering. He fought in the jungle in Malaysia for almost two years, served for five years in submarines and studied advanced electronics and mechanical engineering at the Royal Naval School of Electronics.

From 1971 he managed a residential treatment centre for recovering substance abusers, before studying social sciences at Southampton University. He then worked in the criminal justice system before being head hunted to an HR function. In the mid 1980’s he trained as a psychotherapist and is a registered psychotherapist with internationally recognised qualifications. He is the past President of the European TA Association and currently Vice President of the International TA Association.

He now practices in Romania, where he also trains psychiatrists and psychologists in the skills of psychotherapy. He also manages his own consulting company in Romania, as a management consultant for multinational organizations and specializes in designing tailor-made training solutions for his client companies. He is recognized for his work on Stress Management, on Emotional Intelligence and on the use of Attachment theory in conflict management.

Psychologist, Coach, Master Trainer PCM, PTSTA – Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst

Vice-President of Research at EMCC International – Europe, Distributor and Trainer Process Communication Model, Leading Out of Drama Facilitator.


We are the authors of our own stories. The challenge of being a leader is to tell our stories so they become compelling enough for others to use them as their own… As a companion to leaders and management teams, I invite them to be more conscious and self-confident owners of their own stories, of their own lives.”
Enabling and supporting the success of others – as a leader, or as a manager – is usually about managing the paradoxes of life. Being alone, as a part of the community. Emanating a vision, seeing the big picture when everything is changing and unclear. Acting as a single person and having a footprint that could change the lives of hundreds or thousands… As a companion, I support my partners in finding and managing their own balance along such dilemmas.

Zoltán has been a consultant throughout his professional career. After graduating from ELTE as a psychologist – with a specialization in organizational studies – he worked as a PR consultant. For a couple of years, he had been working as a talent management consultant at an international HR consulting agency. His focus on competency modeling, and assessment/development centers aligned with his ever-present interest in applied research. From talent management, Zoltán has moved on to become an organizational development consultant – later research director – of a market leading Hungarian OD consultancy firm for 9 years. Zoltán had been the Vice-President of Research at EMCC International – Europe’s largest professional body of coaches & mentors for 3 years. He has recently founded his own company with the mission to bring the tools and perspectives of PCM® – Process Communication Model – to Hungary.

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