In everyday life, we wear various social masks that we use in different contexts. Sometimes these masks work in our favour, other times they lead to a separation of our inner self, the authentic self, from what we constantly project outside.
If we talk about masks considering personal development and the 5 childhood wounds, then we have a different definition to consider: a mask is a type of personality, with its own character, with numerous convictions developed over time which will influence one’s inner attitude and one’s behaviours.
Masks betray us from the exterior, they can be observed even from someone’s look, if you learn to understand and acknowledge them, because they are just another expression in the quest to self-development and healing.
If you think about it, the inner wound can be compared to a physical wound on your hand, that you had for a while and ignored, not taking care of it. You eventually bandaged it so you wouldn’t see it anymore. This bandage is the equivalent of the mask. Let’s imagine that this physical wound really hurts and when a dear one takes your hand, you scream: “Ouch! It hurts! You’re hurting me!” If you suffer when a dear one touches you, consider that you are the one who decided not to take care of that wound. And the other person, even a close one, is not responsible for your pain.
Also, according to the gravity of the wound, a mask is worn a couple of minutes per day or even all the time. This is a sign for one of the 5 childhood wounds: rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, and injustice, becoming a mask of a fugitive, a dependent, a masochist, a dominator or a rigid person.
But, there is a good news with all this: the mask doesn’t represent us, it is just an aspect, a blockage that we need to work with in order to become more aware of ourself and a better version of ourselves.
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