For years, I’ve had this strong feeling that certain situations keep on repeating in my life and I knew, in theory, that it’s a sign of something. Can you relate? Did you feel the same anytime in your life? Now I know and I can tell you that these are clear signs of patterns that we repeat until we can truly understand them. So I invite you to join me in exploring and understanding them.
Choose Brave Summer Camp 2017 means a week that I offer and recommend to the ones that want to truly see themselves, to look beyond the surface and create a new reality, one of harmony and authenticity.
What are we going to do here?

  • We will work with the 5 wounds that we cannot see and the 5 love languages
  • We will explore personal needs and identify all types of problems in our life
  • We will learn techniques from Process Communication Model and Leading out of Drama so as to know how to transform conflicts in opportunities to grow our personal and professional relationships
  • We will do individual and group exercises to ground our self in the present moment and better understand our reactions
  • We will learn how to speak our “language”, while also learning the “language” of other people in our life

Where? At the lodging Pensiunea Coliba lui Zalmoxe from Plaiul Foii, in a quiet and green space, surrounded by mountains
In Vulcan (Brasov County), in nature, in a safe space where we will retreat to connect with our self. I propose a tent retreat so as to offer ourselves the context to discover our authentic self and start the healing process.
When? 25 June – 1 July 2017 at the lodging /  24 – 29 July 2017 in Vulcan
How much will I invest? 300 euro (retreat) or 600 euro (lodging), according to your needs

Special offer:
If you want to join me at the lodging Pensiunea Coliba lui Zalmoxe and you confirm your spot between 1-10 June, you get a 25% discount. So you pay only 450 euro.
If the retreat version is for you, you can benefit from a 1+1 offer. Confirm your spot together with a dear person and you pay only one. The offer is available for the first 3 persons that confirm their spot with a plus one.

Do you need more information or want to confirm your spot? Send me an email to until 19 June 2017 for the first period or until 21 July 2017 or the retreat.
I warmly welcome you and your dear ones!

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