Process Communication Model® – Open Training for Coaches, Top Managers

14 – 16  2018 (Tuesday – Thursday)

Process Communication Model (PCM) is a communication toolkit. Used in a personal or organizational environment, PCM® provides concrete tools to build relationships, maintain, motivate, and effectively manage conflict situations. For example, NASA used the PCM® based on Taibi Kahler’s award-winning theory to select astronauts and today thousands of companies and individuals apply this model across the globe, from USA to Europe through Japan. The practical advice of PCM® is based on a validated system of personality types that helps systemize and interpret the observed behaviors of our partners. PCM® offers specific guidelines, whether it is for constructive or stressful patterns.

Leading out of Drama® – Open Training for Coaches, Top Managers

16-18 2018 ( Thursday – Saturday )

Drama is a negative conflict where people ignore the root cause of their problem and fight each other to justify a negative behavior. They aren’t focused on solutions, but only on protecting that behavior.

Pioneered by Next Element Consulting, LLC, a global laboratory for advancing art and science of transformative communication, LOD helps people lean into conflict and lead out of drama. This model for positive conflict is rapidly gaining traction worldwide as the next frontier for global leadership. It draws on evidence-based best practices, a decade of outcomes research and experience across multiple organizational, cultural and team environments.

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