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Daniela Ciobotar has developed her career growing abilities that allow her to identify numerous nuances in team dynamics and leadership challenges. She is a PCM® and LOD® certified trainer, being an expert in team management and support, conflict resolutions and coaching. She is always ready to challenge behaviours and expecttions, so as to identify the healthy limits of her clients, in order for their true potential to be revealed, and the business objectives to be reached.
John Parr MSC


Certifying Master PCM Trainer and Master PCM Coach Trainer, John Parr MSc was certified as a Certifying Master Trainer by Dr Taibi Kahler in Hot Springs, in 2012, being one of the only four PCM Certifying Master Trainers in the world. John was originally certified in the Process Communication Model® by Dr Kahler in 2005. He launched PCM in Romania in 2006, and has since introduced the model in the UK.

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Dana is a lively, involved, curious and empathetic person who helps you know yourself, reflect on your life and improve yourself according to your observations. A big hearted professional, Dana will give you time and answers so as to clarify any issue with yourself, preferring to satisfy each individual personally, rather than the group. Therefore, no matter the size of the group, everyone will feel this constant and personal dialogue.

Patricia Zegreanu
Marketing & Communication Manager at Porsche Romania

I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to participate to the PCM training that you organized in November! For me, this course was a true discovery of new and relevant information that every person interested in self-development should know. Because of your style and your interactions with us, in the group, I learned a lot, as it was all logical and practical. I found it extremely useful to understand how each personality type processes stress and where they are in their development, to understand how each reacts so differently to the same situation and to identify those reactions! There was this sudden understanding! I whole-heartedly thank you for this amazing experience. All that I learned from you I already applied in my professional and personal life! Because of you and your passion for your work I have a new and better understanding of communication and human relations, and it surely helps me to raise the success rate in any project where I’m involved!

Lavinia Marin
Fondator & Manager CISEO-ISO One Stop Shop


EQ – Transformați competențele emoționale în surse de putere

25 aprilie – 26 aprilie

EQ nu e un talent innascut, ci e rezultatul educatiei, dar mai ales al auto-educatiei, al modului in care ne intelegem pe noi insine si de unde vin emotiile noastre, al modului in care ne influenteaza copilaria sau cum intelegem sa gestionam fericirea si dorintele.

De aceea, va propun sa invatam cum sa ne descifram emotiile, cum sa ne raportam corect la emotiile celor din jurul nostru si sa ne crestem empatia atat in mediul profesional, cat si in mediul personal.



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