What is LOD®?

Drama is a negative conflict where people ignore the root cause of their problem and fight each other to justify a negative behavior. They aren’t focused on solutions, but only on protecting that behavior.

Pioneered by Next Element Consulting, LLC, a global laboratory for advancing art and science of transformative communication, LOD helps people lean into conflict and lead out of drama. This model for positive conflict is rapidly gaining traction worldwide as the next frontier for global leadership. It draws on evidence-based best practices, a decade of outcomes research and experience across multiple organizational, cultural and team environments.

LOD® in Coaching, in Supervision

LOD® knowledge allows the trained person to:

  • Develop a set of abilities and strategies for efficient communications, both in groups and interpersonal contexts.
  • Identify your own drama patterns.
  • Identify the roles of the others in the drama triangle and how to get them out of drama.
  • Raise your conflict negotiation abilities in a business environment, in order to raise the productivity of your company.
  • Raise the motivation and productivity of your team.
  • Raise the performance of your teams and organization.
  • Convert the energy of conflict in a positive way, developing the right and efficient communications strategies.
  • Consciously build on your client’s strengths during the workflow.
  • Develop a personal or group action plan to transform interpersonal conflict


The main topics of the training are:

LOD Core Concepts – In this one-day foundational course, you will learn and practice the fundamentals of Compassionate Accountability. You will learn to:

  • Recognize drama, drama roles, and behaviors.
  • Understand cultures of gossip and sabotage.
  • Recognize the difference between drama-based helping and compassion-based helping.
  • Distinguish between good and bad conflict, and how to struggle with, rather than against,  one another.
  • Recognize three key indicators that you are slipping into drama
  • Identify three choices you can make to stay healthy.
  • Learn and practice the formula for compassionate conflict.
  • Develop a personal action plan to apply Compassionate Accountability skills going forward.

This training provides you with the knowledge that you can use immediately in your professional processes or even in your personal relationships. The training is so-called an “end-user” training, that is, does not authenticate the participants for possible LOD® training.


Technical details

The training is led by Daniela Ciobotar, a PCM trainer and LOD Provider

Duration of training: 3 days

Training date: 16-18 2018 ( Thursday – Saturday )

Application deadline: 1 August 2018

Location: Warshaw under organization.

We will start training for at least six participants.

More details and application: daniela.ciobotar@dc-catalyst.ro

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