What is PCM®?

Process Communication Model (PCM) is a communication toolkit. Used in a personal or organizational environment, PCM® provides concrete tools to build relationships, maintain, motivate, and effectively manage conflict situations. For example, NASA used the PCM® based on Taibi Kahler’s award-winning theory to select astronauts and today thousands of companies and individuals apply this model across the globe, from USA to Europe through Japan. The practical advice of PCM® is based on a validated system of personality types that helps systemize and interpret the observed behaviors of our partners. PCM® offers specific guidelines, whether it is for constructive or stressful patterns.

PCM® in Coaching, in Supervision

PCM® knowledge allows the skilled person to:

  • Track your customer’s typical patterns of operation and challenges based on observed behaviors.
  • Easily contact your partner or resume a conversation if the connection is disconnected.
  • Energize, motivate your partner, effectively engaging him in the process of cooperation.
  • Effectively manage your client’s workflow while maintaining the ideal learning status.
  • Consciously build on your client’s strengths during the workflow.

The main topics of the three-day training are:

  • Personality types defined by PCM®: strengths and characteristics. Typical Custom Challenges.
  • Model of personality structure. Interpretation of internal dynamics, dilemmas and temporal changes in behavior.
  • Communication Channels: Tools for Recognizing a Connection.
  • Personal Energy and Motivation Priorities: Instruments of Instant Energizing in Coaching, Supervision and Cooperation. The keys to long-term satisfaction.
  • Non-constructive behavioral patterns: Observable levels of stress and their management during the conversation.

This training provides you with knowledge that you can use immediately in your professional processes or even in your personal relationships. The training is so called an “end-user” training, that is, does not authenticate the participants for possible PCM® training.

Participants will be given the opportunity to fill out their own PCM® profile before the training, so we will discuss the model with a self-knowledge perspective during the program.

Technical details

The training is led by:

Zoltán Csigás, PCM® trainer, EMCC accredited Senior Practitioner coach, and

Daniela Ciobotar, PCM® trainer and LOD Provider

Duration of training: 3 days, all three days between 9:00 and 17:00.

Training date: 14 – 16  2018 (Tuesday – Thursday)

Application deadline: 1 August 2018

Location: in Warsaw, under organization.

We will start training for at least six participants.

More details and application: daniela.ciobotar@dc-catalyst.ro

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