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I still remember the supreme feeling of emptiness I experienced the morning after the infamous GUO 13 appeared. I loudly uttered an ordinary “I can’t believe it”, but I firmly did – all the national press was “roaring” and, deep inside, I could see how fast everything was turning grey: the joy of my latest results, hope, trust… everything seemed lost. There was just emptiness, a thorough lack of perspective.
People I come across around the country are just like me, middle aged, and most of them still remember childhood spent in communist times. The young generation has grown and lived only with the memories that their parents and grandparents used to tell. A unique and strong attitude was born from mixing these two groups, a moment when the socio-political context was cleaved. And that was the moment when the personal lack of meaning was cumulated with the one belonging to a group who was also searching its own way. Thus, we have created a new identity as a group and individually.
Together we have learned and lived a new concept, the one of Compassionate Accountability. 
Compassion means: ”to struggle together with” and when we practice compassion we don’t  need to approach conflict like something that we have to minimize or avoid, but more like a great opportunity for us to grow, to build great things and harness its energy in positive ways.
Conflict based on compassion supports cultures of safety, curiosity, and consistency.
Hundreds of thousands of people have openly and creatively experienced a strong and beautiful lesson the very moment they became one voice. The lighting of more than half a million lights was their symbolic voice.

What a great way to empower the Leading Out of Drama  concept.

Drama is what happens when people struggle against themselves and each other, with or without awareness, to feel justified about their unhealthy behavior.

All the negative energy – fear, anger, that could be liberated by such a big amount of people was replaced with the energy of the positive conflict. The voice of more than half a million people became a voice with a general message, intuitively respecting all the three healthy positions of the Compassion Cycle.

  • Openness – involves disclosure, validation, empathy, self-awareness, ability to ask for help – Hey, we are here, we are worthwhile, and we are worried!
  • Resourcefulness – involves creative problem solving, curiosity, flexibility, building on success, ability to recover after failure. – We are capable and willing to discuss solutions.
  • Persistence – involves setting boundaries, clarifying non-negotiables, taking responsibility, stick-to-it-iveness. – We stand together with you and want to be mutually accountable.

A great and important lesson for all generations and a beautiful message for all nations.
 Conflict is not good or bad, rather, the value lies in what we choose to do with it.

I’m proud and impressed to see such a huge number of people who intuitively understood this powerful truth.  I’m also proud by the way they understood to assume and state their position according to the times that we live in.

If you want to learn about the power of “Compassion Accountability “ and apply it to your life, click here for more details and follow me.

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